Uranohoshi Girls’ High School, a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu city, Shizuoka prefecture.

A small high school in a corner of Suruga Bay, it is home to nine teens,
led by second-year student Chika Takami, driven by one seriously big dream:

To become the next generation of bright, sparkling “school idols”!

As long as we don’t give up, any dream can come true...
All we have to do now is keep pushing hard for glory!

Now their “School Idol Project” begins to make their dreams come true!

Love Live! Sunshine!! (1st Season)

#13 Sunshine!!

In Tokyo, Aqours discovered what they need to do now. The nine members practice hard every day during the summer break to prepare for Love Live! local preliminary round. Seeing how hard they're working, their classmates ask them if there's anything they can do to help save the school. Chika realizes once again that it's not just Aqours who loves this town and school. Everyone who lives here shares the same feeling and loves each other. So Chika proposes that everyone come on the stage to sing together.

#12 It's Time to Fly

Thanks to all the hard practice, Aqours passed the elimination round of Love Live! The members are very happy about the reaction of the fans, as they began getting their attention. But in contrast with the great momentum of the school idol Aqours, there were zero applicants at the school orientation for Uranohoshi Girls' High. What's the difference between Aqours and μ's, who saved Otonogizaka Academy? After much thought and still unable to find the answer, Chika decides to visit Tokyo, to the place μ's spent their time, once again, so that she can find the clue with her friends.

#11 Aye aye, My Friend!

Riko leaves for Tokyo to attend a piano competition in oder to get the answer to what's important to her. The eight members that stayed behind continue practicing hard for the elimination round for Love Live! During the practice, You was selected to act on behalf of the missing Riko. You tries to dance with Chika, but she can't get it rigt no matter how many times she tries. When she sees Chika acting very happy to receive a call from Riko in Tokyo after the practice, she gets very complex emotions that she can't even explain. Noticing You's such feelings, Mari uses her special method to let You's true emotions come out.

#10 We’ve Got Stewshine

The summer vacation has started! It's the season for Love Live!. In order to pass the elimination round, Dia suggests that they undergo special training during the break. But Chika has to help out at the seahouse during the break. How can she do both? The members of the Aqours decided to help at the seahouse during the day, so that they can use the extra time left to practice hard. They began working at the seahouse, but as it turns out, the seahouse nextdoor to them is more luxurious and taking all the customers away from them. But the members of Aqours make great efforts to bring customers to their seahouse--after all, they're an idol group who's trying to go to the final round of the competition, and they have no time losing to a seahouse that's just flashy and showy! But in the midst of all that, something was troubling Riko...and she couldn't tell anyone about it.

#9 Young Dreamer

Chika and the others overcame the incident that happened in Tokyo, and started to move forward once again. All they can do is show people the best they can perform right now, so they deicde to accept an offer to appear at the fireworks festival in Numazu. Meanwhile, Chika learns from Dia that Kanan Matsuura, the third grader who's taking a leave of absence, used to be engaged in school idol activities along with Dia and Mari. Kanan she knows will never give up her dream just because she failed once, so she begins to investigate the real reason why she quit being a school idol.

#8 Isn't It Frustrating?

TOKYO SCHOOL IDOL WORLD has finally begun, and Chika and the others are overwhelmed by the performance by the school idol called Saint Snow. Not to be outdone, the members of the Aqours performed at their best, but their ranking was the 30th out of 30 groups. No one who came to the event voted for Aqours. Facing a big wall that stands before them, each member feels the sting of defeat, except for Chika, who's still acting cherfully. You wonders what's on Chika's mind, and asks her how can she not hate to lose?


The promotional video the six members of the Aqours created to introduce the fascination of Uchiura became popular, and as a result, their ranking jumped up to number 99. Just then, they receive an offer from Tokyo to appear in a live event called TOKYO SCHOOL IDOL WORLD. Tokyo is a glamorous city whereμ's spent their time, so Chika and the others are very happy. But despite their excitement, Dia, who sends off the members to Tokyo, becomes concerned about something. What awaits the six girls in Tokyo, where they visit as school idols for the first time?

#6 Let's Make a PV

News comes in suggesting that Uranohoshi Girls' High School will merge with another high school in Numazu. Most group members become nervous and depressed, but Chika feels otherwise. She realizes that Otonokizaka High andμ's went through the same school crises, and claims that they should be the ones to save the school. Quickly, she starts taking action by introducing the fascinating facts of their home town Uchiura. After trial and error, they create a promotional video, but Mari takes one look at it and gives harsh criticism. In response to that, Chika and the others once again start searching for the "fascination of this town and the school" that Mari talks about.

#5 Yohane Descends

Chika and the other girls begin their activities as school idols, but their ranking doesn't go up as they expected. Just when they were wondering if they'd have to do something that makes them stand out more in order to increase their popularity, Yoshiko Tsushima, the first-year student, shows up. She had stopped coming to school after the first day because she acted terribly when introducing herself in front of the class. But when she learns from Hanamaru, her childhood friend, that no one cares about that anymore, she realizes that this would be her last chance at becoming a normal high school student, and asks Hanamaru to watch her so that she won't turn into "Yohane, the fallen angel."

#4 Two Girls' Feelings

After great effort by Chika and the others, their group was officially approved as a school club. With a new club room, the girls make their fresh start and begin recruiting two first-year students--Ruby Kurosawa and Hanamaru Kunikida--to their school idol club. Ruby has strong adoration for and interests in school idols, but she couldn't take the first step because of her older sister Dia, who hates school idols. Hanamaru, who was always hanging out with Ruby, decides to make a bold move in hopes of helping Ruby realize her true feelings.

#3 First Step

Now that a new member who can compose music joined the club, the three girls are about to tackle the club activity at full scale. But just then, Mari Ohara, the new school director, storms in. Claiming to have visited them to give support, Mari presents a condition for approving their understaffed school idol group as an official club--they must fill the school auditorium to capacity at their debut concert. It's a very difficult condition to fulfill, since even if they bring all the students together, it wouldn't fill up the auditorium, so they try every possible means at their disposal to meet that challenge. The three girls hustle their way through to their debut performance, but will they be successful?

#2 Catch the Transfer Student!

Chika asks Riko Sakurauchi, a transfer student from Otonokizaka High, to join her school idol club, but was immediately turned down. Refusing to give up, she continues her effort to recruit Riko. At the same time, she practices dance moves and comes up with stage dress ideas with You, who officially joins the club. It's all preparation for becoming school idols. One day, Riko tells Chika the reason why she moved to Uchiura. After learning what was bothering her, Chika makes a suggestion.

#1 I Want to Shine!!

Uranohosi Girls' High School is a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture. Chika Takami, a second-year student, visits Tokyo with her classmate You Watanabe, and discovers a school idol group calledμ's. Hugely impressed by them, she strongly wants to shine as much as they do, so she begins looking for members who would join her in establishing their own new school idol club. But finding new members proves to be challenging, and Dia Kurosawa, the president of the student council, opposes her idea. When prospects seem bleak and Chika can't quite figure out what to do, a miracle suddenly happens...